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Mexico Zip Codes

Mexico zip codes are issued by Servicio Postal Mexicano (SEPOMEX), the US Postal equivalent for Mexico. Mexico zip codes are five digits long as is model by the US zip code system. The first 2 digits of the Mexico zip codes identify a state (or part of state). The mexican zip code assignments are done alphabetically by state name, except for Mexico zip codes in the 0xxxx-1xxxx range which identify the delegaciones (boroughs) of Mexico City or Mexican Federal District (México, D.F.) .

The format of Mexico zip codes are generally as follows, where first 2 digits signifies a state (or part of state).

00-16 Distrito Federal 20 Aguascalientes 21-22 Baja California 23 Baja California Sur
24 Campeche 29-30 Chiapas 31-33 Chihuahua 25-27 Coahuila
28 Colima 34-35 Durango 36-38 Guanajuato 39-41 Guerrero
42-43 Hidalgo 44-49 Jalisco 50-57 México 58-61 Michoacán
62 Morelos 63 Nayarit 64-67 Nuevo León 68-71 Oaxaca
72-75 Puebla 76 Querétaro 77 Quintana Roo 78-79 San Luis Potosí
80-82 Sinaloa 83-85 Sonora 86 Tabasco 87-89 Tamaulipas
90 Tlaxcala 91-96 Veracruz 97 Yucatán 98-99 Zacatecas

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