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UK Postal Codes Look Up

The UK postal codes are also known as postcodes. From 1959 to 1974, alphanumeric UK Postal Codes were introduced by the Royal Mail. A full UK Postal Codes is known as a postcode unit and usually corresponds to a limited number of addresses or a single large delivery point. Postcode units consist of between five and seven characters, separated into two parts by a space. Currently there are approximately 1.8 million UK Postal codes.

The first part of the UK postal codes unit is the postcode district, or outward code, and usually corresponds to all or part of a post town. Postcode districts with the same one or two character prefixes are grouped into 124 postcode areas. UK Postal Codes had been adopted primarly for the automated sorting of mail. The UK postal codes are used to calculate insurance premiums, to designate destinations in route planning software and are used as the local area census aggregation. Postcode Address File Data base is maintained peridicall with full address data for around 27.5 million delivery destinations. First ealier form of UK Postal Codes appeared in London in 1857 and refined in 1917 to include numbered subdivisions, extending to the other cities in 1934.

The format of UK postcodes is generally as follows, where A signifies a letter and 9 a digit.

Format Example Where UK Postal Codes found
A9 9AA M1 1AA B, E, G, L, M, N, S, W postcode areas
A99 9AA M60 1NW
AA9 9AA CR2 6XH Most UK postal areas (not B, E, EC, G, L, M, N, S, W, WC)
AA99 9AA DN55 1PT
A9A 9AA W1A 1HQ E1, W1 postal code districts (high density areas where codes ran out)
AA9A 9AA EC1A 1BB EC, WC postal code areas and SW1 postal code district (high density areas where codes ran out)

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