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Postal Codes for Hungary

Postal Codes for Hungary are 4 digits long and are all numeric. The first digit is for the Hungary Postal region as shown below (with the Hungarial postal centre listed after the number):

* 1000 Budapest (*)

* 2000 Szentendre

* 3000 Hatvan

* 4000 Debrecen (*)

* 5000 Szolnok

* 6000 Kecskemét

* 7000 Sárbogárd

* 8000 Székesfehérvár

* 9000 Győr

Not all of the above are county capitals such as Hatvan, Sárbogárd and Szentendre are major cities. Above listed Hungarian Postal Centers are all major communication cities and big junctions.

Postal codes for budapest, hungary are in the format 1XYZ, where X and Y are the two digits of the district number (from 01 to 23) and the last digit is the identification number of the Hungary post office in the district (there are more than one in each district).

A special system exists for PO Box deliveries, which do not follow the district system. These special postal codes refer to a specific post office rather than an area. Ironically, the "1000" postal code designates the Countrywide Logistics Centre, which is currently located outside the 1000 region, in Budaörs, which is located in the 2000 region.

The rest of the country is structured as follows:

* County capitals are indicated by hungary postal code ending with "00". However, some cities have hungary postal codes ending on "00" without being a county capital.

* Cities generally have postal codes ending with "0".

* Smaller towns and villages have any other number.

Bigger cities were formerly divided into districts, which often lives on in postcodes. This can be confusing, as 3000 designates Hatvan, but 3001 doesn't designate District 1, but it is actually a PO Box postal code.

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